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Excerpts from my new Weight Loss Hypnosis book
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Excerpts from the Weight Loss Hypnosis Book

The following are excerpts and details of what each chapter of the book contains…
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Chapter 1

In Chapter 1 of the book you will learn how your brain chemistry creates a response in you that sends you rushing off to the nearest high reward food when you’re feeling anxious or stressed – and how you can trick your own brain into creating that same reward trigger when you eat healthy foods!

The part of your brain that creates anxiety also responds to the need for immediate gratification and comfort – i.e. food! This chapter gives you a really valuable understanding of the chemical processes that are triggered when you feel anxious, how feel- good chemicals are released when you eat sugary or high fat foods, and how those same chemicals send you searching for more of the same.

Once you understand how your brain works, you can actually use the power of your own mind to redirect those chemicals so that sugary, fatty foods are no longer appealing, and that is where the self- hypnosis techniques in chapter 8 come in very handy!

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 will enable you to identify and recognise your own personal triggers, and to know the difference between reward and consequence. Add this understanding to what you have learned in chapter 1, and you are firmly back in control already!

Chapter 3

In chapter 3 you will learn how to recognise whether you are head hungry (emotion driven), or stomach hungry (genuinely hungry). Knowing the difference enables you to not only slow down and make choices, but to really enjoy the flavour of what you’re eating, rather than mindlessly shovelling the food in without any awareness of its taste or texture. For most people it’s quite a revelation to find that they may have been eating something that they don’t actually like very much, because they’ve been eating so fast. The feel good factor then rockets as they discover the flavour of healthy, nutritious foods – it’s not all about lettuce and tomatoes!

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 shows you how and why sugar is the enemy of being slim. Most people think that fat is the number one cause of unwanted weight, but when you have the knowledge from this chapter, you will not only feel empowered to say goodbye to sugary foods, but you’ll have fun doing it!

Chapter 5 & 6

Chapters 5 and 6 are personal stories of success, both mine and that of a few of my highly successful clients who have completed the 1-1 motivational weight loss programme. I don’t know about you, but I always find reading about others’ successes creates drive and motivation – you know the feeling, ‘if she can do it, so can I’.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 contains lots of tips and techniques that will set you on the pathway to success. Here is a little snippet:

If your environment contains your triggers, change it! Remove temptation from your shopping list, and from your kitchen or wherever else you may have food (yes, even the place you may be hiding that bar of chocolate!). If you eat in your car or office, clear it all away and notice how clean everything looks now it’s not hidden under temptation and false promises of comfort from the food itself.

Change the place(s) where you eat. If you’re habit is to eat from a tray in front of the TV- MOVE! Do you have a table and chair(s)? Try eating there instead. Changing just one thing like this gives your mind the powerful message that the old, outdated habits are changing!

If you enjoy wine, have a treat a couple of times a week by pouring yourself a small 125ml glass to have with your evening meal. If you find yourself eyeing up the bottle for more, say to the wine “YOU’RE JUST ADDING TO MY WEIGHT, SO FAT OFF TO ANY MORE TODAY!”

Eat in front of a mirror – that can be a real wakeup call if you suddenly see yourself from the outside eating more than you need!

This is just a little insight into what this chapter contains – all of this information will become your new best friend!

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 gives you very powerful self- hypnosis techniques, together with a deeply relaxing mind massage! Using these techniques will give your brain a really strong message that you are firmly in control, and you will no longer be a member of the fat club! Making these techniques a part of your daily routines gives you something to look forward to – time out for you to feel empowered and motivated as you melt away those unwanted pounds using the power of your own mind.

After all, you used the power of your mind to get into the old habits, so using that same power to drive up your motivation and determination to be slim gives you a real sense of achievement.

Chapter 9

In chapter 9 you will find some suggestions for tasty, healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. I’ve also included some treats, because eating healthily for 80% of the time enables you to eat a little of what you really fancy for the other 20%. There are absolutely no restrictions here – you decide what you have for a treat in your 20%. Something else to look forward to!

Chapter 10

In the final chapter I have given you a daily checklist for healthy, successful and permanent weight loss, which will raise your self -esteem and confidence to the roof! Here’s some snippets from the final chapter:

  • Avoid sugary breakfast cereals, and choose fruit and natural yoghurt, natural oats or a protein dish such as scrambled eggs and spinach. What you eat for breakfast will create your energy levels and mood stability throughout the day, so choose wisely! You know what sugar can do to you don’t you! It may be sweet, but it’s not your friend!
  • Have activities that you enjoy that don’t involve food. Wherever you are, whether it’s at home or work, create space for fun! It might just be ten minutes playing with your dog, or time out of the office walking around the building, but it’s YOU time – very important for your motivation!
  • If you find yourself making excuses like “I haven’t got time for breakfast/lunch/dinner” STOP!! No more excuses. You need to maintain your blood sugar levels throughout the day, or your energy will crash, and you will be guaranteed to start craving something fast, sugary and/or greasy.

I hope you enjoy the book, and I look forward to meeting you if you decide to really go for slim and gorgeous by joining the the 1-1 Motivational Weight Loss Programme.

To your great success!

Lynda Roberts Cert Ed. SQHP (GHR). CNHC

Lynda Roberts has been a weight loss Hypnotherapist since 2007 "By reading this page you have taken the first step to losing weight – I look forward to meeting you!"
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