Weight Loss through Hypnosis

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Weight Loss Hypnotherapist

Weight loss HypnotherapistThe resources on this site are there to help you achieve permanent weight loss and increased confidence.

It’s for those ladies who have drive and determination to be slim and gorgeous – with no more excuses!

I have been a weight loss hypnotherapist helping clients reach their ideal weight since 2007. Each client is different. My aim will always be to work with you as an individual. Help you find the slim and confident woman that you deserve to be.

With successful weight loss comes a big increase in confidence and self-esteem. This is achievable without dieting or restriction.

Diets or Hypnosis

tape-403593_640Are you someone who has spent your life trying different diets? Still finding the weight piles back on once the diet has stopped.

I will show you how to walk away from diets. Use the power of your own mind to change your relationship with food for ever.

I will teach you strategies to deal with stress and anxiety. Let you be fully in control of your responses, rather than using food as a temporary comforter.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Programme in Essex

Weight Loss though Hypnosis : Resource 1


The first resource can be used as a powerful tool against unwanted weight. It’s my book WEIGHT OFF YOUR PLATE. Used on its own, the book will give you a clear understanding of how your brain tricks you into reaching for food when you’re stressed or emotional. Drives you towards foods that are guaranteed to pile on the weight.

I will explain how it is your brain chemistry that creates your response, and how you can reverse the trick! The book is your guide and your motivator. Make changes that enable you to feel good about yourself as you lose unwanted pounds, and your confidence rockets.

In the section on this site entitled ‘from the book’ I will give you valuable insights into the book’s content. The content will become your bible as you see food in a different light. You will start to think and act like a healthy eating slim, confident woman.

As an overview, the book will show you how to easily identify and release your personal triggers to overeating and filling up on fattening foods. You will meet some of the successful ladies who have attended the 1-1 six week Motivational Weight Loss Programme, also called WEIGHT OFF YOUR PLATE.

The book also gives you some great self-hypnosis tools and also some tasty recipe ideas.

The book is now out on Amazon and you can get it here!

Weight Loss though Hypnosis : Resource 2


The second very powerful resource available to you is the six week 1-1 Motivational Weight Loss Programme, Weight off Your Plate. You can work with me in person at my office in Essex, or we can work together via Skype. I will give you all the support you need from day one, to melt away unwanted pounds and get back in touch with the beautiful, confident woman inside. You will have my support every single day of the six week programme, and the motivation I will give you will drive you towards your goal weight using your strength and absolute determination to never be classed as fat again. This programme enables you to say goodbye to all of your past excuses, because excuses are not the way to achieve slim and gorgeous!

If you live within easy reach of my practice in Colchester, the programme can be offered to groups if you would like to have fun with some friends while you all lose weight together – just ask and I will set it all up for you.

As a client of the six week Motivational Weight Loss Programme you will receive a free copy of the book as a gift and celebration of your success, once you have successfully completed the programme, and lost your first stone in weight – an achievement that you will be very proud of!

In addition to the book and the six week 1-1 Motivational Weight Loss Programme, I will from time to time be giving you useful resources to take away as part of your amazing journey! Feel free to post your questions on the contact page – I will answer all questions personally as quickly as possible – looking forward to hearing from you!

Here’s to your Great Success!

Weight off your Plate Facebook Group

Come and join us in a closed group where you can ask questions, share your weight loss story with others, share tips and strategies for successful weight loss, and boost your self-esteem. This group is only seen by the members, so you can be sure you’re sharing your posts with like-minded people. . We don’t ever want to see diets here! This is a no nonsense supportive group which is here for you throughout your weight loss journey and beyond.

Weight off your Plate Facebook Page

This is an open page where you can pick up tips and ideas for your successful weight loss and increased confidence. You are welcome to post to this page with your stories to encourage others, and also if you have any great recipes please do share! Unlike the group, this is not closed to members only, but anyone who is interested in weight loss through change of mind-set. We don’t ever want to see diets here!

Lynda Roberts Cert Ed. SQHP (GHR). CNHC

Lynda Roberts has been a weight loss Hypnotherapist since 2007 "By reading this page you have taken the first step to losing weight – I look forward to meeting you!"
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